Monday, July 15, 2013


Research and course work are two completely different things. Understanding the ways in which the research differs from course work can help you in enjoying your research work more and can mark your success. Competence can almost be achieved by anyone in research work. It is a learning process which needs to be understood. On the other hand course work is provided by someone else. It includes the course syllabus, the timetable that has to be followed along with the assignments and other material. It consists of a course topic as well. Where there is a timetable set for the course work, there is no specific time allotted for the research work that you carry out. You are just given a deadline on which you have to submit your research.

The course work is done in an orderly manner where everything is specified according to time and day but on the other hand research is not an orderly process. It includes hypothesis, findings, change of goals and a lot more which actually sounds frustrating but it can prove to be a lot of fun once you get to understand your topic of research.

For a research to be completed there is a specific deadline allotted but there is no syllabus given as to reach the desired goal. Therefore the researcher himself has to plan out the time in order to complete his research before the time limit goes out.

While doing a research everything depends on the researcher which is contrary to the course work where the whole thing is provided to the student and he just has to go according to the plan. For that reason when you carry out the research you need to,

·         Plan your thesis

·         Think about which research plans to follow

·         To start your research

·         Develop your research problems

·         Get information about the background and a lot more.

Research requires creativity to a great extent whereas coursework is demanded to be followed just as planned.

One more aspect that differentiates research for coursework is that during the process of research a student may work on his own, which most probably can lead to self-doubts and dark times. But this is not necessary to happen; a student can consult his teacher at times like these.

The most basic part of the research work is that you are not providing the syllabus as in case of the coursework but you have to create the syllabus yourself. You have to develop a strategy and set a timetable for yourself which then you have to follow to accomplish your task of doing the best possible research on time.

Another aspect that differentiates research and course work is that research involves collection of data. For a student to prove that his hypothesis is true he needs to collect data in the form of evidence to support the hypothesis he has put forward.

In either case both are necessary for a student to achieve success in life both academically and professionally.