Monday, June 17, 2013

Connect for Inspiration to Write Thesis

Inspiration can be taken from everywhere, there no certain thing which can inspire you to write. Source of inspiration also depends on how well a person is connected. The more sources a person is connected with, there are more chances of getting inspired as the frequency of activities increases. Thesis writing service demands a lot of patience and attention, hence to seek them both, you need to get inspired. Here are few things you can do to make sure you get inspired by ‘Something’:

1. Many places can be become source of inspiration. Attending seminars and conferences and reading academic literature relevant to your field can also work. They hold great importance and so does other things in our list. Other than that, listen to informative radio programs, go through websites and blogs regularly, read news paper, and most importantly engage in social media. Facebook and Twitter can help you find people interested in same topic of your research. You can connect and chat with them, and get through your research.

2. Connect! Market your research and make as many connections as you can with other researchers. Generate contacts with other people working in same or even in different field of your interest. It doesn’t matter if they belong to other department or university as yours. Start your own research network or join existing.

3. Reinforce your online presence. Think about using digital and all social media to publicize your research, make academic connections and engage with the relevant communities. Make sure that your university page is updated with your latest research projects and publications. Write blog post, if you don’t want to post on your own blog then go for guest blog. Online discussion forum can also be a good option. Put your PowerPoints on SlideShare, make Pinterest boards to create awareness.

4. Bundlr, Delicious,, and Pinterest are few of the digital bookmarking sites that can be used to save interesting material.

5. Mendeley, Zotero, and Endnote are some of the online reference manager to get your citations computerized. Now, as soon as you find some relevant citation, get in the habit of straight uploading them to one of the given options.

6. Prior to your research, think patiently who you want to collaborate with before agreeing to do so. Your research coordinator must be a person who has sound knowledge of your research topic. Good collaborators will contribute extensively into your research, while bad ones will make your life worse. With them, you will not even be happy with the final output produced by you.

7. If you respect someone’s research, and consider them more experienced in academics, seek out their mentorship. There is nothing like getting advice from one you consider your ideal in the respective field.

8. Take regular bike rides, runs, or walks. Research and thesis writing might tire you down, and
it will definitely affect your health. Such activities are helpful in providing mental space and at the same time they keep you physically fit.

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